Milo Bell is not an ordinary teenager.

A self-taught programmer by the age of six, Milo spends every waking moment with his eccentric grandfather solving puzzles on the vintage computers which fill his house.

Well, on every computer except for one. A mysterious machine with a curious name scrawled on its side has always been off-limits. With all the secrecy around the machine, Milo is afraid that his grandfather might be in some kind of trouble.

Milo’s worst fear is realized when his grandfather suddenly disappears and he finds the computer in his bedroom. Milo begins to learn its deadly secret when it’s snatched from his hands, leading him on the most dangerous quest of his life.

Adventure turns to peril as the world begins to crumble around him. With few friends and countless enemies, can Milo unlock the secrets of the machine before time runs out?

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About the Author


Zack Hubert

Zack has been hooked on computers from the time he met a Timex Sinclair as a young child. A lifelong programmer, Zack also studied Physics at Cornell University and fiddled with neutrinos at Los Alamos National Lab.

When not coding or writing, he's likely reading Science Fiction, playing a tabletop game, or enjoying time with his family and friends in Seattle.

Singular is his first novel.