A Novel by Zack Hubert

Only hours ago, Milo was an ordinary teenager enjoying the last days of his summer break.

As an indoor enthusiast, days like these are usually spent behind a keyboard, dreaming of an imaginary world instead of the very real one where he doesn't fit in.

But when his eccentric grandfather gives him a mysterious computer from the 70's, secrets long hidden put Milo on a collision course with a new world of danger.

Will he be able to solve the puzzle of the computer before time runs out?


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About the Author


Zack Hubert

Zack has been hooked on computers from the time he met a Timex Sinclair at age six. A life long programmer, Zack also studied Physics at Cornell University and fiddled with neutrinos at Los Alamos National Lab.

When not coding or writing, he's likely reading Science Fiction, playing a tabletop game, or enjoying time with his family and friends in Seattle.

Singular is his first novel.